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Custom Protect Ear Hearing Protectors
Impression Taking and Fitting Appointments
Hearing Tests
Interpreting the Results of a Hearing Test
Employee Education Training
Noise Induced Hearing Loss















The Communicate Ear is designed for people
who require two-way radio communication
and hearing protection at the same time

Custom Protect Ear Hearing Protectors

Industrial Hearing Care is an official distributor of Custom Protect Ear Inc., which is the largest supplier of custom hearing protectors in North America. More Atlantic Canadian workers are fitted with dB Blockers than any other custom protector.

In both official lab testing and ‘real world’ conditions, independent testing has rated our dB Blockers superior in reducing decibel levels. Specific to high frequency industrial noise (3000-8,000Hz), these custom protectors reduce the decibel levels by more than 40dBs. (You may be getting approximately 20 dB of protection right now with what you are currently using.)

The protectors are made from Skinsoft™,a specially formulated medical grade silicone. This material will last for more than 5 years, and is supple on sensitive ear tissue.

The unique discriminating filtration (or Frequency Tuned Filter- FTF™) in our dB Blockers allows communication without removal of the protector. Workers can communicate in noise better while wearing them than if they were to remove their dB Blockers.

Convertible Vented dB Blockers offer the
greatest protection while still allowing the
wearer to hear conversational speech. The
cord can be easily removed and re-attached.
The dB Blockers are made to fit the individual’s ear exactly. This gives the worker a product that he can wear all day in comfort. The filter allows constant circulation of air, which prevents any pressure differential or discomfort due to itching or sweating.

Every protector we make is guaranteed to fit comfortably; we offer a 30-day warranty fit guarantee. Should you experience any discomfort, a re-fit will be done at no charge, at your workplace. There is also a 2-year product warranty.

Industrial Hearing Care hearing protection has a lower effective cost than any other hearing protection currently sold. The average cost of disposables is $6.00 per person per month…..your investment with Industrial Hearing Care would be less than $2.00 per person per month . With a dB Blocker Protect Lease, the investment would be expensed over a 60 month period. The result is the immediate reduction in the cost of providing hearing protection for your company.

For more information:

Our Cellular Ear Piece is popular
with Call Centres employees

Sleepers are design to let individuals hear alarm
clocks, yet filter out background noise, allowing
for a restful sleep. Popular with shift workers.





Hearing Tests

To assist in compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Legislation, Industrial Hearing Care will come to your workplace to conduct employee hearing tests. These annual tests are critical in measuring the effectiveness of your hearing conservation program. Industrial Hearing Care provides a baseline, as well as an annual review of each employee's hearing capacity.

These on-site appointments would include:

An otoscopic examination
Puretone testing
Case history documentation
Explanation of test results to each employee
Counsel on the importance of consistent use of hearing protection in the presence of hazardous noise, both on and off the job.

The tests are provided at your convenience, accommodating shift workers specifically. The employee is back on the job in 20 minutes!

Along with the audiologist’s review of the test results, a cumulative audiometric record for each employee is submitted to your company. This type of form saves file space and enhances the ease of comparing hearing levels over a period of time.

Many companies make it a condition of employment to take a pre-placement hearing test (baseline), an annual re-test, as well as an employment termination hearing test. This documentation identifies changes in hearing early enough to arrest further deterioration, and thus avoids the critical negative effects to on-the-job safety.











Employee Education Training

Industrial Hearing Care also provides classroom training to complete your hearing conservation program.

Safety is an attitude. It is very common for people to ignore the symptoms of hearing loss, especially since there is no pain associated with it. Noise, both in the workplace and at home, is one of the leading causes of this condition. Noise-induced hearing loss is permanent and irreversible; therefore it cannot be taken for granted. It is important that all workers be made aware of the effects of noise on hearing, as well as its non-auditory effects. This course reinforces the importance of good hearing practices.

















Impression Taking and Fitting Appointments

First Appointment
A small cotton dam is placed in the ear canal to determine the depth of the impression, and the impression material (medical silicone) is syringed into the ear canal. Three minutes later, the material has formed to the canal and can be removed (along with the cotton dam). Ten employees per hour can be fitted for these impressions.

At the lab in British Columbia, the impressions are used to form a cast. These are kept at Custom Protect Ear Inc. for 5 years, in case other models are requested, or an employee has lost his original dB Blockers.

Second Appointment
The finished product is fitted to each individual's ears to ensure a comfortable fit and seal. Instructions are given on the use and care of the dB Blockers, their warranties, and any questions are answered. This appointment is generally done in a group setting.

Note to Occupational Health and Safety Managers
Before clinical impressions can be taken, the ear canals must be clear of any excessive wax build-up. The Occupational Health and Safety Managers are asked to advise all employees of this information. This is critical to the success of the first appointment, as the mold cannot be made with excessive wax present.